Achieving 360° impact

This highly individualized training program touches on such topics as:
  • Developing your own 360° impact
  • The 6 sources of personal impact and how to use them
  • Enhancing your impact by mastering your breathing, voice and body language
  • Discovering and enhancing the power of your moods and attitudes
  • Finding the right words – Expressing yourself sincerely in complex situations
  • Using your individual strengths to achieve success
  • Being ready for critical situations
  • Performance polishing: Helping you to apply these techniques in your everyday life


  • Specific content depends on the your individual goals and needs


75% practical exercises

The specific methods depend on the individual goals of the session


Potential methods include:

  • Input and exercises to maximize impact in all directions
  • Effective communication in complex dilemma situations
  • Leading with your voice and speech
  • Bring authenticity to your own performance
  • Elocution and articulation
  • Exercises and guidance from the toolbox or professional actors
  • Structuring and delivering convincing arguments
  • Role play
  • Individual feedback
  • Intention and impact
  • Input: 360° impact