charm and wit


I offer two different approaches:

Training 1: Empathy, charm and wit

Training 2: Persuasive skills

Empathy, charm and wit

  • What is empathy?
  • How do I convey empathy?
  • How can I connect with my audience?
  • Where does rapport come from?
  • What kinds of humor are there?
  • Where does charisma come from?

This seminar gives you tools to know what to say when – to be appropriate, effective, and spontaneous. Learn to avoid sarcasm, can recognize contradictions, dissolve aggression and to display empathy without becoming self-absorbed.


  • 75% practical exercises
  • Input on humor and its impact
  • Exercises for empathy
  • Practical guidance for the use of humor
  • Exercises to enhance your attitude
  • Exercises to believe in yourself and your impact
  • Improvisation exercises
  • Role play – The methodology depends on the particular goals of each session and the needs of the participants


Training 2

Persuasive skills

In this carefully focused seminar, participants learn tools and techniques to enhance their effectiveness in meetings, negotiations and discussions. Participants strengthen their credibility and impact on various levels:

  • Use of effective body language
  • Tools, formats and techniques
  • Conveying emotions sincerely and appropriately


  • Structural tools for persuasive arguments
  • Elocution
  • Story-telling
  • Elevator pitch
  • Conveying emotion
  • Embodying the message
  • Reflecting on power and language
  • Developing dialog
  • Exercises to promote wit and charm


  • 75% practical exercises
  • Elocution exercises
  • Exercises focusing on internal attitude and approach
  • Exercises to enhance impact and persuasiveness
  • Trainer input
  • Role-playing, dialog and argumentation  – The specific methods depend on the particular goals of the session and the needs of the participants