Improvisational theater at events

Improv tools in personnel development

Improvisational theater at events

  • Highlight performance
  • Instructional theater
  • Review and reflect
  • Activities with the entire audience or large groups (e.g. Worldcafé)

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Improv tools in personnel development

  • Training sessions
  • Workshops
  • Team-building exercises
  • Mediation


Potential topics and themes:


Learn how to stimulate creativity as a team.


Leadership is a river

Learn how to take control of a group harmoniously even in situations where the framework conditions are unclear – and then pass control on to the next person to come up with a good idea.

Learn how best to support others in a flowing leadership situation



Use theatrical improvisation for team-building.



Clarify team processes with the help of improvisational theatre exercises, psychodrama interventions, holistic bodywork and relaxation techniques.


Dilemmata – Strategic and controversial debates

Dilema MaLachen

Theater Troupe

My performing group DILEMMA MaLACHEN is specialized in representing dilemma situations on stage.

It illuminates complex issues, highly charged topics and ethical questions.

All participants at your event can take an active part, contribute their ideas and opinions, influence the story. Dilemma MaLachen makes opinion forming a theatrical process.

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