Impact coaching – geared toward agencies and creative professionals

So free spirits can fly high in key situations.


I am a creative professional myself.

I know that creative people think differently than most folks do.

That difference is what sets me apart from conventional consultants.

I provide support to:

  • Agencies
  • Start-ups
  • Bands
  • Theatres and theatre companies
  • Freelancers


Be your best when you need to be!

Who benefits from Synagie?

Example 1: You’re a musician who has always run your recording studio on your own. And because you are damn good at it, you land two big commissions at the same time and find you have to hire some employees. You can’t afford to blow it. But you’ve never conducted a job interview and have no idea what to watch out for. I’ll help you conduct the interviews and find the best employees.

Example 2: Your band is going through a tough patch, with lots of disagreements among the members, but you still want to play together. I’ll watch your shows, sit in on rehearsals, talk to your members and coach you individually and as a group. Together we’ll find a way for you to enjoy making music together again.

Example 3: You’re the owner of a successful agency. You want to promote someone to the position of managing director of a subsidiary. Two women and one man are under consideration, but all three of them still have a lot to learn. I can provide the know-how to find out which of them has the most potential and support the process with personal coaching sessions.

Example 4: Your agencies has lost out on several pitches in a row. Employees are in a bad mood. The creative team is discouraged. What can be done? I’ll work with you to figure it out. Together we can turn things around.

How come I can do all these things?

I spent many years as a self-employed writer, actor, singer and director, working for agencies and TV companies. I know from my own experience the conditions that must be met to nurture and promote creativity. I know what matters.

I also have years of experience as a producer of creative productions. I know the economical and organizational side of the business. That includes the special challenges of managing and leading diverse departments, free-lance creative types, clients and service providers. And I know what it means to deliver the best possible results on a tight budget and tight schedule.

I have additional education in aptitude testing and am licensed by the German Psychologists Academy according to the internationally recognized DIN 33430 quality standard.

I also know enough business psychology to support you with your onboarding processes, employee evaluations and performance reviews.

I enjoy making creative people successful.