Improvisational theater and other creative performances

1 Improvisational theater

2 Creativity training

3 Writing workshop

4 Creative tasks

Improvisational theatre


The highlight of your event: THE KOENIGS, one of Europe’s best business theatre troupes. We bring your themes and topics on stage in improvised sketches and to-the-point scenarios. In German, or in other languages – together with our network of actors in 21 countries around the world. ( /


Highly charged topics: DILEMMA MaLACHEN, specializing in philosophical improvisation, collaborates with you to illuminate complex, ethical and controversial issues.


Improvisational theatre training

Innovation. Learn how innovation arises, learn how to generate new ideas

Leading is a river. Learn how to step into the leadership role while respecting the group’s dynamics, even when the framework conditions are unclear – and at the same time how to relinquish leadership when someone else offers the best next step forward.

Team building. Learn team building through of improvisational theatre.

Mediation. Clarify your team’s processes with the help of improvisational theatre exercises, with psychodramatic interventions, and holistic bodywork and relaxation techniques.



Creativity training

Get your creative juices flowing – and have fun doing it.


Writing workshops: speeches, satire, stories

Learn to write vividly in a variety of styles and formats. Choose the right nuance and voice for every situation.


Creative tasks

As an actor, writer and director, I can stage a show that creatively addresses your concerns. Give me a call.