In 1998 I founded the improv theater KOENIGS International with a group of fellow actors. The focus of our work involves presenting and reflecting upon business topics through improvisational theater.

KOENIGS International is a network of actors. We cooperate with Germany’s leading improv troupes and are able to provide truly first-rate performers and presenters for any occasion.

In addition, we are available to conduct unique training sessions and workshops on aspects like creativity, status, leadership, error culture, change, and agility.

The KOENIGS International network extends worldwide and includes many languages. We have been a part of more than 1200 events.

To learn more, please visit www.koenigsinternational.com


The theater ensemble GESELLSCHAFTSBÜHNE aims to address controversial topics and provide impulses for ongoing social dialog. The project has been supported by a grant from the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

We deal with concepts of democratic cooperation.
How do we pass judgments?
How do we decide what is true and false?
How do we make decisions when we find ourselves in a dilemma?
How can we ensure democratic dialog among people with opposing views?
How do we as individuals deal with views we reject?

In our programs, we don’t give answers – we encourage people to think for themselves. As individuals and as a group, audience members find their own personal answers to the questions we raise.

To learn more, please visit www.gesellschaftsbuehne.de


Frequently I also perform with some of Germany’s best improv troupes:
The Gorillas (Berlin), Theatersport Berlin (Berlin), Steife Brise (Hamburg), Hidden Shakespeare (Hamburg), Als Wir (Heidelberg), Drama Light (Mannheim), and many more.
I have a versatile education in acting as well as 30 years of stage experience, including extensive involvement with improvistaional theather.