Live or online, I love being the presenter, moderator, master of ceremonies – the host who makes sure the meeting or event stays on track.
Large or small, I love the stage. I’m interested in people. I’m extremely interested in their knowledge and what they have to share. I love asking questions and explaining complicated topics simply. I love bringing people together, getting through to them with humor and wit, letting them shine. I can handle difficult guests. I am very strong when it comes to improvising, and I have experience in handling all eventualities with aplomb. I have a strong sense of dramaturgy. I love it when people leave an event with something to think about, something that inspires and uplifts them.


# By how well prepared they are
# In person: By the quality of the sound check, light check, venue preparation
# Online: By the quality of the presentation materials, their professional use of equipment, tools and platforms
# By the way they steer the event smoothly and professionally
# By the quality of the conversations with guests
# By the quality of introductions, transitions and summaries/conclusions
# By the way they deal with the unexpected
# By the enthusiastic audience
# Comprehensive preparation in terms of content
# Comprehensive preparation for discussions with guests
# Acquaints themself thoroughly with the venue, occasion and general conditions
# Talks to all participants prior to the stage appearance
# Wants to know exactly what is expected of them
# Wants to understand the objectives, themes, issues of the event – and what the expected outcomes are
# Takes the initiative to learn complex background information on their own
# Speaks freely, without a script – but adheres strictly to the plans and requirements
# Shows a genuine interest in the guests and treats each individual with respect
# Takes pleasure in their guests
# Like a good host, takes care of their guests and wants them to feel at ease
# Listens and asks follow-up questions that are really relevant
# Asks for clarification when guests say something vague or contradictory
# Leads the discussion in a cooperative, collaborative manner, but can be confrontational if the situation requires it
# Only accepts commissions when the topic and objectives are compatible with democratic, ethical values
# Has a talent for improvisation and isn't thrown off balance when things go wrong or when plans change
# Is versatile enough to switch easily from deep, topical discussions with guests to light, entertaining banter
# Can steer the audience
# Stays on schedule
# Is capable of winning over the audience whether in person or online
The success of a presentation is measured by what resonates with the audience.
The main thing is the ability to reach as many diverse people as possible with a wide variety of topics. This includes everything described above. But the most important skill of all – the basic competence behind all the other skills – is this: Whenever possible and appropriate – and in all seriousness – a good presenter always displays a good sense of HUMOR.