Impact and effectiveness

Freedom and success in the 21st century



Actively improve your personal impact. Enhance your personal strengths and learn helpful tools you can use whenever you need them.

Voice, speech, body language; argumentation …  Self-perception, self-image…  Dealing with emotions and triggers …  the ability to motivate, persuade, inspire others …  the ability to win power games …  personal effectiveness as a speaker, presenter, negotiator, delegator   …  ability to handle conflict …


As a master of ceremonies I serve as a catalyst for your goals and objectives.

Therapeutic workshops

This offer is design for psychosomatic clinics and other therapeutic institutions.

Artistic endeavors

My center of gravity. In a world at risk, it’s more important than ever for me to have a creative outlet – a place where I can create ideas for a better world.



Good personal impact?

I know myself.

I know my strengths.

I know my weaknesses, triggers and fears.

I can handle anything.

I am who I am.


I am aware.

I build active connections with people and situations.

I am visible.

I speak coherently and effectivly.

I perceive and think.

Others perceive and understand me.

I assess my feelings.

I understand.


I know my roles, tasks and goals.

I speak and take action accordingly.

I achieve what I intend to achieve.

I am successful.


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Colaborations and partnerships

As of 2022 I continue to collaborate and partner with various consulting firms and agencies.

I am grateful for their continued trust in me.



Therapie begleitendes Improvisationstheater

In 2022 one of my focal points involves developing courses in therapeutic improvisational theater. People in benefit greatly from playfully experiencing way their ability to shape and influence situations. In fact, I myself learn something new in every unit. So far, there are only a handful of people in Germany who use improvisational theater in a therapeutic setting. The development of a sustainable canon of methods is still in its infancy. I am very excited to be among those doing this pioneering work.


Virtuelles Teambuilding

Teamwork has largely moved online since the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies find it challenging to foster and preserve team spirit among co-workers who no longer meet in the same physical space.

That’s why our business theater troupe DIE KOENIGS is focusing on virtual team-building in 2022, using a mixture of improvisation tools, team coaching and systematic clarification.


After several years of touring Germany and learning new ways of employing improvisational theater to promote civic dialog and democratic debate, I launched a new project in January 2022 to establish a permanent venue in Berlin.

In 2022 I’ll be making guest appearances with the following theater companies:
Die Gorillas, Berlin
Steife Brise, Hamburg
Theatersport, Berlin